The SHIATZY CHEN 2023/2024 AW Fashion Show was unveiled at Palais de Tokyo, a famous center for contemporary creation in Paris, at 12:30 pm Paris time on March 6. Since the global coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, SHIATZY CHEN made its come back with a fashion show, again infusing the poetic eastern inspirations with the influence of western culture at its origin, inviting the audience to follow the strings of the heart and weave the romantic web of beautiful oriental and western craftsmanship. With HEARTSTRINGS theme, the inspiration is coming from the purses of Chinese women in ancient times, they would hand-sew and gift to their beloved ones. The oriental-style smooth and round ruyi shape is interpreted into fashion, transforming everlasting love into embroidery stitches, depicting the completing and mirroring twins. The heart and the strings, playing the beautiful concerto of oriental art meshed with western art while displaying reflections in complementary comparison, transcend cultural barriers and fuse into one. Some international celebrities were spotted as the actress Michelle Yeoh or Chinese singer Liu Yu.