The work titled was « IN THE SHADOW AND LIGHT OG MAHATMA », describing Khadi and Co’s Bess Nielsen 13 years of work and travel in India.

« How to show the time, the flow, the silence, which India represent to me thru a picture ? » asks Bess Nielsen, Khadi & Co’s founder.

« After talking to Marie Taillefer we decided to do this little film. I have 100% trust in her sensibility, and in her talent. So off she went to India with some pieces of Khadi clothes.

We have worked together before in India where she traveled to the different places where I work, I did not travel with her to do the film, so when she showed me (13 years of Khadi based on the philosophy of Gandhi) I was very touched. She got it.

Khadi and co stands for handwork protection and beauty« .